How to WOW your interior.

Congratulations! Thinking about changing your interior is the first step to giving you, and your employees a better work life. You may not want to, or have the budget to, completely overhaul your office interior and kit it out like Google, Linked in or Trip Adviser, but most companies are not in that position either. Do not give up hope in your interior though, they are ways of ‘Spring cleaning’ your office and injecting a bit of life without breaking the bank. Here are a few of our favourite products, that we consider to be office game changers.

The Winged Edition

There are so many timeless pieces of lounge seating such as Allermuir’s Grainger, and indeed many others, that are widely available to the commercial environment today.  They create a relaxed breakout area as well as a contemporary, timeless aesthetic to an office, atrium or lounge. Workspaces are becoming more open, flexible environments, taking inspiration from domestic interiors.  A lot of today’s soft informal meeting and lounge chairs are now influenced by the iconic styles of 50’s British and Scandinavian design while considering the popular and desired trends within design and the working environment.  All these seating ranges are designed to expand into any area, they can be ordered as a simple armchair or a collection of matching units. Ideal for relaxation or collaboration, these beautiful inviting items of furniture can be configured to define breakout spaces, collaborative areas, or simply informal meeting zones throughout the office. We are only too aware that within busy workplaces and collaborative environments, there is a need for furniture that encourages social interaction, intimate meeting places, privacy, and places of refuge where focus, paying attention and listening are essential.

The Haven Pod

The high back sofas creating the perfect small team meeting space are everywhere now, a fantastic concept that has been accepted by users and manufacturers alike. They’re available from anybody and everybody now. However, there is one particular model that is a firm favourite in my mind and that is the Haven high back sofa from Allermuir. I recall back in 2012 reaching the end of a busy day at Orgatec and our last call of the day was the Senator stand. Having been shown around and sat down in the Haven sofa, the hum of the exhibition reduced drastically and the sofa was comfortable enough to be able to fit in a 15 minutes doze too! I was amazed by what it could offer and the aesthetics were perfect too. It was one of the first on the market and I still think it’s one of the best too. Many manufacturers and designers have presented their options but some are too boxy, too high, too claustrophobic, too expensive or have tried to come out with their own extras such a roof, wooden sides and overhead lighting which isn’t required. And Allermuir are a great bunch of people too, they do what they say and they listen too. We asked if a solid panel with a table could be incorporated to create a booth and it was introduced. And it’s supported by a genuine UK 10 year guarantee! That’s why it’s my first choice and I haven’t found one that can compete yet.

The Jig Collection

Welcome to the Jig family life. There are a few Jig relations to meet, but I am going to introduce to just a couple of them to start with; the Jig Settee and Jig Settee High.

There are a few features these two have in common.

Whilst they are hardwearing, they are also comfortable and stylish. They have a webbed seat which provides the maximum comfort to sit in. A solid oak frame also ensures they are suitable for heavily used areas. An extensive range of fabrics, vinyls and leather gives plenty of scope for choice and colour. If you’re feeling adventurous optional contrasting buttons are available!

Next in the Jig collection we have, the Jig High Settee. The high back design is usually used in open offices or canteen spaces, as they have an effective acoustic design that reduces noise. If you want to get away from noise, but still like to be within the office, these are perfect for sitting in.

Why not add something a bit different into your offices? Somewhere where your staff can relax, but do their work at the same time. The other members of the Jig family are; Jig social, Jig Modular, Jig Cave, Jig Upholstered, Jig 2-Tone, Jig Table, Jig Settee, Jig Shed, Jig Settee High, Jig Duo and Jig Arbour.

Cobus Spaces have helped hundreds of customers transform their offices, canteens, staffrooms, within both workplace and educational interiors. We work with you to create a bespoke solution that is right for you. From a single reception chair to add some colour, to a full reinventionof your space, we are here to help. For further inspiration for your interior, visit our Portfolio.