Commercial Laboratories

Partnership is at the heart of every project we take on. A quick look back in our history proves that we’ve always been a forward thinking company, right from the very first days selling second-hand furniture in the 1970s; we’ve moved with the times and often kept ahead of them.

Commercial laboratories are specialised facilities dedicated to conducting research, experimentation and analysis across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare and materials science.

These spaces develop life-saving medications, and cutting-edge technologies and are at the forefront of scientific discovery and progress.

Laboratory Designers

The expertise of our interior designers is second to none, as they’ve mastered the balance of functionality and efficiency with aesthetically pleasing design to create commercial spaces for industry-spanning businesses up and down the country. For Cobus Spaces, no two spaces are the same. It is imperative for our interior designers to understand your current working practices and the scientific and research needs of your future lab. Our specialist team will work with you to develop a solution to maximise performance and challenge the conventional thinking of lab design. Future-proofing in an industry pivotal to progress is crucial, which is why Cobus Spaces’ designers can incorporate cutting-edge technology infrastructure into the laboratory design, ensuring that your facility remains adaptable to evolving research needs.  

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Fit Out

By partnering with Cobus Spaces, your laboratory will be a space of innovation, safety and efficiency as our expertise, attention to detail and commitment to excellence will help you create a laboratory that empowers your research endeavours and contributes to scientific advancements. You can expect a full range of laboratory fit-out services from us, including: 

  • Quantitative and Qualitative research
  • Preparation of laboratory design schemes
  • Consultancy on laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and associated installations 
  • Professional project management 
  • Quality and safety management
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Lab Refurbishments

Partnering with Cobus Spaces breathes new life into outdated research facilities. Our keen understanding of the evolving needs within scientific domains allows our refurbishment solutions to encompass cutting-edge technology integration, compliance adherence and ergonomic design. 

Rejuvenating laboratories, optimising layouts for improved efficiency and ensuring safety through rigorous compliance is the aim of our commercial laboratories service as we’re dedicated to crafting innovative and adaptable laboratories that inspire research  excellence while accommodating future growth.

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Our Process

Our experts sit down with you to understand your goals, whether it’s converting an existing space into a lab, or creating a brand new facility. Our talented designers then act as the translators of your vision, getting the design to drawings, to the physical space to occupy. We meticulously adhere to industry-specific safety and environmental regulations. Laboratories have unique requirements that set them apart. Its crucial key factors like building vibration, cleanliness standards, and air change rate-per hour are fully addressed. We integrate state-of-the-art equipment, ensure proper ventilation and utility connections and design flexible spaces that can evolve with research requirements. Our seamless project management ensure timelines are met, budgets are adhered to and every aspect of the fit-out proceeds smoothly.

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Why Choose Us

By choosing Cobus Spaces, you’re choosing a true, client-first partnership that take the best approach always to fulfil the requirements of the brief. Our team of experts are committed to transforming your laboratory space into a hub of innovation, safety and efficiency. Our comprehensive services and unwavering dedication to your success mean we’re always thinking about the clients’ needs and how best we can make the transformation a success. 

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Areas Covered

Cobus Spaces have helped many educational institutions and numerous companies from all sectors with their interior design and furniture requirements.

We can cover the whole of the UK with our key locations being; Gloucester, Cheltenham, Oxford, Swindon, Birmingham and Bristol.