Commercial Interior Designers in Cheltenham

Commercial interior design encapsulates many aspects which can completely transform your space. From retail to industrial and offices, each has its own individual characteristics that make them stand out from the other. At Cobus Spaces it’s our mission to deliver commercial interior design that showcases creativity, innovation, functionality and the freedom to renovate your working environment to its finest.


The Commercial Interior Design Process

All commercial interior projects start with an idea and a purpose. What is the reason for transforming your space and what would you like to achieve in doing so? With these initial thoughts, we can then start brainstorming all aspects you would like to change or improve. From investing in canteen refurbishments to a complete workplace redesign and build, there are many avenues to consider. Think about what colours you would like to incorporate, how the different teams should work together within the layout, what kind of first impression you want to create for visitors. Our experienced and qualified commercial interior design team will assist you during this process presenting mood boards, 2D drawings and 3D renders to bring your ideas to fruition. During the fit-out itself, our professional team will then supply and install all aspects to the highest standards for a quality finish that will stand the test of time.


Commercial Interior Design
one of our office fit out projects

Factors to consider before designing your office

As with any refurbishment, there will be an element of disruption. So it’s important to think about what adjustments you’re happy to make whilst the re-fit is taking place. Can your team work remotely? Are you happy to close your retail outlet whilst improvements are being made? Is there another industrial space you can operate from in the meantime? Also, look at your budget and factor in any unforeseen elements that may stretch this. How much do you have in the first place to make the renovation possible and will it finance all the works you’re hoping to complete? Once you have this administration in order then it’s essential to research companies that can deliver this on time and on budget. Rest assured that Cobus Spaces provide complete reassurance in this field with our leading reputation across the industry for our professionalism, quality of work and attention to detail.

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Our Commercial Interior Design Case Studies

When searching for a company that delivers outstanding interior design in Cheltenham, our portfolio of works collaborating with commercial outlets, retail, industrial and office spaces demonstrates that we are forward-thinking and flawless in creation. From our craftsmanship to the products we supply and install, our pride stands in all of our successful projects. This includes clients such as:

Dyball – New Office Design & Fit Out
Investment Supermarket – Commercial Design & Fit-Out
Cirencester Friendly – New Build Office Fit-Out and Relocation
Safpro – Design & Fit Out
MAN Truck & Bus: Workplace Design & Build

Some of our previous projects