Celebrating our #PerfectPartners No.3

Thinking outside the (Orange)box

Despite working with these #PerfectPartners for a relatively short time, in comparison to others, we are celebrating them nonetheless as being remarkable collaborators.

A mere 6 months ago, we teamed up with Cardiff-based furniture designers, Orangebox on a UK university project and have been fans of them ever since.

#PerfectPartners meet in Clerkenwell

We first met Orangebox during a showroom visit as part of Clerkenwell Design Week, back in 2016. We were so impressed with their style and their product ranges that we knew we had to collaborate with them somehow. Our opportunity came a short while later on a university interior redesign project. As mentioned in our previous post on creating #InspiringSpaces in which to enhance learning potential, we teamed up with Orangebox to help deliver a inspirational environment for the students, and staff.

#PerfectPartners - Orangebox

Championing productivity and relaxation

Orangebox come highly recommended. They’re not only a reputable brand who are advocated by most architects, but they are also well know for their efficient and extremely helpful customer service. We now have first-hand experience of this and can attest to it.

They invest heavily, both in terms of time and finances in R&D, and it shows. Their products are well considered, well designed and a great mix of both form and function. So far their ‘Away From The Desk’ (AFTD) ranges have proven most successful in feedback for our projects, but we look forward to testing out many more ranges in future.

They also have a super Instagram feed, which is well worth a follow. It’s filled with both gorgeous images of furniture and wonderful behind-the-scenes captures of their design and production teams mastering their crafts.

#PerfectPartners - Orangebox


#PerfectPartners - Orangebox


#PerfectPartners - Orangebox

Orange is the happiest colour

In China and Japan, the colour orange is used to symbolise happiness. We’re delighted to say that for us now Orange has the same effect. Thank you to our new, but to-be-long-term, #PerfectPartners, Orangebox.


An example of Orangebox’s AFTD range

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