Break Out Area Design

Research clearly shows that taking regular breaks from work helps improve productivity and morale.  It doesn’t just provide a proper break from everyday tasks; it helps encourage interaction, relaxation and physical movement too.  By providing clearly defined and carefully fitted out breakout areas, you’re helping with this.  You’re also building versatility into your spaces, because breakout areas are great for remote workers to work from or internal teams to use for informal meetings.

Break Out Furniture

break-out area
We’ve created comfortable, functional and inspiring breakout areas for lots of our clients over many years now.  Our design team understands how people work and what they need from their breaks, and they use this expertise to design spaces that encourage movement, creative thinking and collaborative working, as well as good old rest and recreation. They’ll help crate spaces that people want to use more often, and they can even supply products like elevated furniture, including high poser and media tables to encourage standing.

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