Behind the scenes: with Jess

Hi! I’m Jess and I work as the interior designer at Cobus. You will usually find me on-site taking a client brief, working on 2D floor plans or 3D visuals, or in our sample library updating stock and pulling together sample boards for our projects.



We always start on-site when taking on a new brief. The initial visit is crucial for me to gage what the client is looking to achieve with their space and to take in as much information as I can. At this stage it’s essential to try and analyse client requirements and their likes and dislikes, not to mention take as many notes, dimensions and photographs as possible. You can never have too many!


The main core of my work is producing the relevant content to present to our clients, which can include spatial planning, creating mood boards of ideas and 3D renders. For me, visuals are the best way to illustrate and transfer onto paper the ideas that are in my head. I also appreciate that not everyone can read floorplans, and people can find it difficult to visualise the end result with a black and white drawing alone – so visuals and images can be really beneficial for some of our clients.


I get a lot of my inspiration from visiting supplier showrooms and design shows, online material such as Office Snapshots and Clippings, but also seasonal trends in other aspects of the design world, like fashion, art and architecture. I try and follow these movements so I stay current, learn of new artists and materials plus develop my own skills.


At Cobus we know that every project is different, so we have a number of suitable and reliable suppliers that I can go to. As part of my role, it’s key that I communicate frequently with them to keep updated with new products on the market and also understand how they work to pass this information on. If our client wishes to see an example of what we’ve specified I’ll order in samples for them. This could be anything from wall coverings, desk and storage finishes or fabric swatches, to even a full-sized office product. There is nothing like being able to physically see a sample to trial.


What I love about my job is that every day is different, and I love being on-site meeting new clients or catching up with existing ones in their newly designed space. I’m always working on something new, but the level of creativity has to stay consistent. I’ve learnt to trust my judgement and to do everything to my highest personal standards, because if I don’t like my designs then why would my clients?