We’re a forward-thinking company.
A quick look back at our history proves it.


Back in 1977, I spotted a niche for selling second-hand furniture to new and emerging businesses around Gloucester. Over the years things grew and grew, and I moved from a small shop in town to a three-storey warehouse packed with stock. In the 1980s, the arrival of self-assembled furniture changed everything.  I moved with the times, changing my focus by supplying the growing number of businesses looking to fit themselves out with swish new furniture that was suddenly much more affordable. This turning point was really the beginning of the business as we know it today.

By 1989 I’d outgrown even the warehouse we’d moved into back in 1980, and I commissioned the purpose-built premises we’ve called home ever since.  In the 1990s, we started marketing, using catalogues to sell new furniture to the many loyal customers we’d picked up over the years. We experimented with a range of different marketing activities, and in 2008 started a telemarketing campaign using a database that later became the basis of our business.

From 2010 onwards we embraced the digital age.  The website you’re on right now has been the product of many hundreds of hours of research, design and development, and it showcases the exciting new brand identity we launched in autumn 2017.

We’ve come a very long way over our 40-year lifespan, as you can see.  Even so, the values and principles we work to today are exactly the same as the ones I set out with in 1977: our customers always come first; we’ll always go the extra mile for them; and we’ll never charge extras or hidden fees.

It’s a very simple formula, but the fact that so many of our customers have used us for so many years tells us we’re doing something right.

Jim Coldrick Name

Customer care

Our reputation’s built on leaving clients happy – it’s that simple. From the moment you first call us and for as long as you need us, we’ll give you the attention and support you need for really making the most of our partnership.  Whether it’s technical help, design advice or aftersales care to keep your premises functioning brilliantly; we’re just a phone call away.

Interior design

Our handpicked design team has just the right mix of creative flair and technical ingenuity, which means their interior solutions function as brilliantly as they look.  They’re natural problem solvers too, with the logic and vision to develop clever workarounds to even the most awkward spatial challenges.  Last but not least, they consider every aspect of every design, from layout, colours and product materials to suit your ethos and culture, right through to the practical aspects like build costs, energy efficiency and available space.

Project management

Great finished products is one thing, but we know from years of experience that smooth project management is every bit as important.  Our project managers aren’t just picked for their interiors expertise; we choose them for their organisational and communication skills too.  It means that every step of the way, you’ll get thorough and proactive project management that keeps things on time and on budget, but where headaches and hassles are definitely off the cards.

Health & Safety and Environment

Health, safety and the environment are always important considerations in our sector, and that’s why we make them a priority.  To help make sure your people are always safe in our spaces, we regularly review our own H&S policies as well as adhering to industry best practice.  We’re also committed to protecting the environment, so we’re working hard in areas like carbon footprint reduction, minimising waste and using sustainable products whenever it’s possible.