A whole lot of team love

There are so many different elements that make you, well, you. One of these is your taste, what you love and what you hate. See personally I cannot get enough Marmite and I really can’t stand marzipan, where as others in the office think I’m crazy. So I have put their taste to the test and asked as many people as I could find, to come up with two things they love. Here are the results:


  1. Finally trains have ‘main lined’ (!) their way into office spaces! The Railway Carriage meeting pods are a ‘must have’ in all large open office spaces.  Being able to have more than one small group meeting in the same area at the same time is such an advantage instead of having to book the boardroom at different times.  The acoustic quality is such that you are not interrupted by the general noise coming from the open office, nor the adjacent pod.  They provide a relaxed space for concentration when you just need to get away from the noise for a few minutes to focus on a project.  They provide that quiet working space to encourage creativity.They are fully modular and are available in a large choice of materials and features, so that you can customise them to blend in with the office space.  They do not have to be kept in one space, they are able to be relocated to other areas of the office.  These pods eliminate the need for the building of lots of semi-permanent meeting rooms that leave scars when they get relocated within the office.The Railway Carriage meeting pods promote happier, healthier workspaces for everyone and that is why they must be installed in every large open office space.  We like to see everyone happy at the workplace.
  2. Keeping on my vehicle theme. I really love the new Google London Headquarters, with a London bus right in the middle! You really can’t get better than that.


  1. I’m loving the ILK Chairs or similar. Big contemporary lounge chairs dotted around the office. They not only bring home comforts to the office, but are brilliant for informal meetings
  2. Large expanses of Glass walls and huge full height photographs/art pieces, and wall graphics – as against full wall murals/wall papers.


  1. The Jig Settee – love the fact that you can have different coloured buttons to the fabric and it’s comfortable to sit in!
  2. I love the concept of ‘Container City’ in Christchurch New Zealand. Container City was built as a striking tourist attraction, after the city was majorly damaged from earthquakes in 2011. It also brightens the place up after there was so much damage. Each week different roads are still being closed to carry out more repairs to quake damaged buildings.


  1. Team collaboration high tables. Everyone needs to get away from their desk and talk to others, discuss exiting new products or important deadlines where the whole team needs to row together to make things happen. Don’t visit the boardroom, that’s where they discuss boring numbers, hire and fire too! You can gather round it, either sitting or standing. That’s elevation where you come out with new ideas and aspire to better things. It’s also a place to go and eat or just think, and you don’t miss a thing with what’s going on around you!
  2. The use of the right shades. It’s amazing what colour can do but it has to be the correct colour. We’re moving on from the old bright and vibrant colours that have dominated but embrace the new classical colours that can transform a space. Have you ever thought about painting your front door in a stone blue colour and have a mustard yellow cushion in your study?


  1. Loving Hairpin tables – such a cool idea
  2. Okay, so I’m loving moody blues and grungy greens all over – walls, ceiling anywhere


  1. The new ‘Bendy’ light, as it can be altered to suit almost any reading conditions and only costs £19 , 3 settings of brightness makes this the most user friendly light in the world.
  2. On refreshing my kitchen I came across an all in one LED spot lamp, fully waterproof, compact, terribly simple to install, choice of magnetic coloured metal surrounds and best of all 3 setting of bulb colour, simply epic!!!

What a whole lot of love! It’s so interesting, how so many different people that love many different thing can come together under one roof, for one cause. It’s our personalities, tastes, innovations, interests and skill sets as individuals that make Cobus Spaces the company that it is. But it’s not just us that make us who we are, it’s our clients too!

Happy Valentines!