A day in the life of a Swopper Chair

With so much change happening at Cobus Spaces, our new products have managed to slip under the radar. Keen to shed some light on one of the products that has caused about as much controversy in the office, as ‘In vs Out’, the Swopper. The Swopper originated over in Germany and follows the trend of getting people to move while at work. As nobody is really 100 percent sure that they would like to sit on the alternative seat every day, I have decided to put it to the test and experience ‘A day in the life of a Swopper.’


8.30am Staff meeting. During this first half an hour of the day, the bosses at Cobus Spaces encourage us to stand up, keeping our meetings on schedule and energetic. After a trip to the coffee machine for my peppermint tea, I take to the Swopper and get myself started with my day.


10am I feel like I am adjusting quite well to the new seating position. It took a while to become accustomed to not having a task chair barrier behind me, but I have to say, I quite like it. It makes the office seem more open and airy. Surprisingly the Swopper only springs when you actively make it bounce, I thought it would make me ping all over the place, but it is actually very stable.


10.30am SEO Audit with Alsbury Media. Talking on the phone for an hour can be tiring at the best of times, without adding in website analytics and site action plans. Gently ‘bopping’ on the Swopper kept me moving through my phone call and seemed to stop the neck ache I normally get from being on the phone for long periods of time. Result!


11.30am Time for a change in position. I am lucky enough to sit at a Height Adjustable Desk, which I don’t use very often as I have an issue with where my task chair should go when I am standing. Conveniently, today is a different story. The Swopper fits snug under my desk, so no issues trying to find a place in the office to move my chair so that it’s not in the way of everyone wondering around.


1pm After a lunchtime walk, I’m back on the Swopper. I’m not sure if it is exercising muscles I don’t usually use but I can definitely feel a difference in my back, I think I am actively thinking about my posture all the time as I have nothing to lean back on. Perhaps I won’t bounce for a little while though, wouldn’t want to forget what Mum always said about swimming after eating!


3pm Afternoon ache. I have to admit, while completing a 3D CAD visual I did go back to my task chair for an hour. Looking at an accommodation interior, inside the computer, while bopping was making me feel a bit funny. Now the computer has been set to render, I’m back on the Swopper again. I do feel like my body has got used to the position of being upright and the longer I sit on the seat, the more comfortable it becomes. Although I can feel the change in my back, I am not getting the usual 3pm stiff neck I come to expect, which is great. I definitely do not feel as tired after looking at a screen for hours too.


5pm Final verdict. My day on the Swopper has made me feel incredibly popular, colleagues have been asking what it is and how I am getting on, all day. I do think that my posture has changed throughout the day, and it is much more convenient for getting in and out of. A little birdie told me that one of the Google offices used these in their boardroom, or perhaps that is just an assumption that a product like this belongs in an office like that. I’m not sure how the Directors would look in their corner offices on a Swopper, or if you could have a serious conversation while your colleague was bopping. All in all I have noticed how many smiles this product brought into the Cotswold office today. I can definitely see these in a meeting room or a collaboration space. I would like to think that they will slowly make an appearance into our offices too, but I think that will be more of an adjustment.


Personally, if I were a client who is part of an innovative, fast paced, energetic company that was on a ‘health’ drive; I would introduce these into a small informal meeting and brainstorming space or purchase a couple that rotate around the office so perhaps once or twice a week you have a day on the Swopper, to acclimatise the workforce. For further information on sampling the Swopper for a couple of weeks, please contact a member of the team who would be happy to bounce to your rescue!

Hope you have a great week.

ThanksP.S. For your entertainment here is a few of the Cotswold staff trying out the Swopper!